#Outside – “Kenfolk’s Anthem” Official Lyrics Video

“Outside” is a brief melodic account detailing the self-forgiveness and personal sacrifice experienced by Kendoll as an independent LGBT artist. Dr. King once said, “Be the Peace You Wish to See In The World.” and this single was purposefully released over the MLK holiday weekend. “Outside” serves as a modest reminder that we must all learn to thrive and grow together, while leaving our problems outside and enjoying life day by day, each and every moment at a time.

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Lead Vocals:  Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Written by:  Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Vocal Arrangement:  Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Background Vocals:  Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Produced by:  Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Engineering:  Deraj Global
Mixing & Mastering: Deraj Global

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Verse 1:
I Started late in February
Exchanged my Valentine
for constant piece of mind
ugh ugh
No bullshit! Can’t do it.
You can check me, I’ll prove it
Gotta work a little harder now
Marched my way into April
Still the rain kept coming on down
May will soon be here its finally Spring
Them April showers, they didn’t mean a damn thing

So leave your situations outside the door
Tip up your cup and think about it no more
It’s all happening on the outside
It’s only happening on the outside

Verse 2:
Juneteenth I’m a prisoner set free
Mark July Independence for me
Colorful leaves its getting colder outside.
I celebrate my life, my labor, and pride
Roll all your problems up and smoke ’em like green
Evil bitches out. It’s Halloween

Even in the midst we gotta give thanks
No need to stop and think about

Cause it’s cold out

It’s storming out and yes the skies may be gray
Let’s go outside and we can play in the rain


It’s going on on the outside

Your situations gotcha crazy, gotcha thinkin’ maybe
Don’t let the weather kill your dreams, you can’t abort this baby
Give birth to the gift in you, you can do what u wanna do

We all got problems in this life, that’s the way it goes
You gotta throw it in the wind, you gotta let it blow
Forgive yourself of all your past cause it’ll hold you hostage
Made you a better you, so why ya feelin blue


It’s raining, its pouring
Yet still my life is soaring
Don’t wanna go to bed
Smoke a blunt instead

You’re movin forward still the rain’s comin down.  Don’t let me catch u with a frown.
You can smile now, Just smile now
Got situations but ya gonna be fine.
It’s  all happening on the outside.

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