Why? (Lyrics Video) – Kendoll Brinkley Brown

Artist:                Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Song Writer:    Kendoll Brinkley Brown
Producer:         Kendoll Brinkley Brown
BG Vocals:       Kendoll Brinkley Brown


Verse 1:
I’m breaking, on the edge and I’m wondering why
I try to keep it straight take control of my life
I can only be perfect, sometimes,
I don’t always get it right
Guess you could say I need you in my life
I rolled a blunt up
And then u texted my phone.
I did a little thinking in my mind
A better a way I was bound to find
Say I don’t need this in my life

I figured I’d hit it and quit it
Then I’d walk out the door
But then you texted my phone
Tellin’ me you want some more
What in the hell’s with all this back and forth.

Now i’m singing’…. You got me sayin’…
Why? Why?
Do I feel this way deep inside
Even when I know that its over… (Maybe Its just in my nature)
But I gotta let you know
But I just can’t let you go

Verse II:
Can we work this out, don’t wanna start over again
What happen to our love
We used to be best friends….
And Now it appears that I don’t know who you are.
And realizing that  I don’t
That’s the hard part.

Situations.  I can’t help my self
Call on my lifeline, say Lord I really need your help
I can’t do this ish all by myself

I take two steps forward then you set me back
But I ain’t taking this sh!t no more
Get your sh!t you can hit the door
This situations out of control…

Truth is I love you so
But I just can’t take no more
And I just gotta let you know
What the hell are we still fighting for…..


Why? oh, why do we continue to let it show
Why? Oh, why, we just need to let it go
Why? Oh, why? Why? Oh, why? Why?

There’s no sense in us trying
We know we’d both be lying




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