Kendoll Brinkley Brown is an amazingly talented, kind and energetic individual that truly embodies the impediment of Talent. He has resided in Atlanta, GA for a number of years and has worked tirelessly to help those around him. He has the unique ability to inspire others with his musical sound that is matched by non-other. Not only is Kendoll’s artistry designed to entertain, but each verse, each lyric, each chorus, and each and every project is designed to inspire anyone who is fortunate enough to witness or listen to the musical aptitudes he has to offer.

His mission has and always will be to not only entertain, but to challenge individuals to think beyond themselves, and let loose and enjoy all that life has to offer. Overtime Kendoll’s music and artistry has grown to include R&B, jazz, gospel, dance, and many others.

Kendoll’s gift is unlike anything you have ever experienced before, as each song has its own unique backstory, as Kendoll has the ability to incorporate not only his successes but his struggles throughout his life. Kendoll is a modern day DaVinci for not only does he have a beautiful voice, but he also is an advanced creative photographer,  producer, makeup artist, and mixologist.

In 2017 Kendoll will release his first full studio album which will cover a number of different aspects and views throughout his extraordinary life. This album will truly be a universal album, that will inspire, educate, and ultimately entertain. Kendoll is more than a musician, but he is an individual that is grounded, respectful, and a true testament of an artist that is not only here for the music but for the love of creating art through uniqueness and prominence.