Lagarass – For You I Am – Debut Release Date

Independent! Resilient! Strong! Beautiful! Tough! Mother! Liberated! Black! Intelligent! Woman! These are all words that you could use to describe new Hip Hop, and R&B Indie artist, Lagarass.

Whether she is spending time raising her two boys as a single mother, or working a full time job while earning her Master’s degree, Lagarass is a new force to be reckoned with. Hailed from Palatka, FL,  Lagarass has shown  time and time again the drive, the energy and strength to be successful within the complex and competitive music industry. Her artistry through her music cannot be boxed within any particular genre, as her music celebrates R&B, Hip hop, pop, rock, and all out badass, Boss.


Produced by her big brother and another phenomenal Indie artist, “Kendoll Brinkley Brown”, Lagarass will release her first single titled “For you I am” on March 19th.  So Sit Back, Relax, and get ready to be entertained by the cool melodic tunes from this talented new young artist, Lagarass!!!.  While many yearn to find someone that is simply “good” for them, Lagarass sings of her quest for the one that will make her better.

Listen to this snippet of “For You I Am”

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